Saturday, April 30, 2005

Whatta ya Know, she was lying!

This story from Yahoo! News by way of LGF shows that despite Giuliana Sgrena's previous claims, their is now satellite evidence that her car was in fact moving at speeds upwards of 60MPH when the US checkpoint soldiers shot at it.

Not that a pro-communist, terrorist sympathizing (according to her own statements) journalist's word shouldn't be taken as fact, but since every scrap of evidence appears to support the US version and NONE supports hers, I'll have to side with the Americans on this one.

And in a continuing attempt by CBS News, not to show any bias (even to facts over complete fabrications), while Yahoo! directly attributes this story to CBS News, itself does not make any mention of this new evidence and instead only puts up a US/Italians agree to disagree story.

But don't worry, they still have up their one sided fluff piece from 60 Minutes where Sgrena got to tell her version on a internationally televised program. (Thankfully they did not include the part where she told of them stopping, while being fired upon by a US tank division, to help an old blind Iraqi woman with her 6 small grandchildren find their way home. All while dodging Special Forces sniper teams I might add. Lord knows they tried but being television there were time constraints.) I wonder when they'll do a full follow-up with all the physical evidence that directly contradicts almost everything she said in her ever changing 'story'.

If you can stomach it, here is a copy of one of her versions of the "truth". She even drops hints as to her credibility by titling it "My Truth" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


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