Thursday, April 28, 2005

Weekly round up

It's been almost a week since my last post! Actually it has been since I'm writing this on Saturday but the timestamp is from when I created the draft post. I really need to get home more often. I'll try to post a little more often next week. Scouts honor!

Anyway, even though I haven't written any posts I have been bookmarking a bunch of stuff. So here goes my mini blog storm (more of an overcast light drizzle really).

First up is a continuing topic around here, Media Bias.
Powerline and Fox News have good little writeups about a recent ABC/Washington poll. The Washington Post claims the poll shows the public does not support any changes to the filibuster rules in the Senate. The problem stems from the fact this question was not even asked. Their claim come from the results of this question:
"Would you support or oppose changing Senate rules to make it easier for the Republicans to confirm Bush's judicial nominees?"
Asked like that everyone who believes in democracy should say "No" as it seems to be extremely one-sided (oddly enough the number was only 66%). In contrast, in a Republican sponsored poll when asked:
"Even if they disagree with a judge, Senate Democrats should at least allow the President's nominations to be voted on,"
81% responded with a yes. While neither question is perfect (the references to specific political parties should have been left out of both), at least the Republican one better represents the actual issue in the Senate.
The poll does cover other issues more clearly but again, as the Powerline post points out, while trying to hide bias behind the 'science' of polls, the Washington Post fails to point out that while more self identified Republicans than Democrats voted last year, more Democrats than Republicans were polled.

Next up, the attacks on President Bush's proposed UN ambassador, John Bolton.
Once again Powerline and Fox News (just a bit further down on the same page as the poll info), this time joined by Little Green Footballs point out that two of Bolton's most adamant accusers have a little history of their own.

The first, Frederick Vreeland, is not only a former ambassador to Morocco (a very tough and dangerous job I'm sure) who may have had occasion to work with Bolton in the early 90's, but also a member of an organization dedicated to fighting Bush's agendas, both foreign and domestic.

The other, Melody Townsel, while not a former ambassador to anywhere, not to be out done is also a member and former head of an anti-bush group and has publicly admitted to being a multitime plagiarist.

And these are the two star forwards the Democrats are using to try and derail the nomination. I guess they're holding the closet Satanist back for when the vote hits the floor.

May as well finish up the Fox News page I keep linking to. At the bottom you'll notice another interesting article about a North Carolina Wesleyan College prof who believes it is her job to
".. teach the truth about 9/11 ... This is a war by the extreme right wing motivated by the Zionists to quash academic freedom."
in her course titled "9/11: The Road to Tyranny".

You just can't make this stuff up.

---------------------------- has a nice little article about the double standard between Liberal and Conservative reporters/hosts. Just comparing some of the comments some conservative radio hosts have made that have got them in hot water, or fired, with some of the Liberal comments. Read then an decided for yourself if you see anything out of balance there.

For something a little more up to date try this LGF post about Air America, for at least the second time, playing the sound of gun shots while speaking about what should be done about President Bush.

You just got to love the lefts idea of tolerance.

And finally, on the lighter side and in keeping with the Air America theme comes this story (from The Radio Equalizer via Michelle Malkin). Apparently, they're not doing to good in the ratings; anywhere. In some of the markets it's so bad the only places they're actually playing is the lobby of their stations (and from what I've heard even they're tuned to Rush Limbaugh between 12 and 3).


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