Friday, April 01, 2005

This is not an April Fools joke

Just take a look at this page for Jane T. Christensen, Associate Professor of Political Science North Carolina Wesleyan College. First of all, in all honesty, the page looks like it was done as part of a grade 6 introduction to web design. Sadly, if you look at some of the other faculty pages you see she is not the exception. Secondly, I'm all for academic freedom and all that but this is just crazy.

When a professors personal beliefs take this much control of their teaching life it's time for a sabbatical. As a teacher, in any subject, your job is to help your students understand how to make their own decisions not to force feed your opinion down their throats. It's fine to make your opinion known, but when that opinion becomes the only thing you are teaching, you are doing a disservice to both your schools and your students.

It only gets worse when you actually read her course curriculum and the final exam.

It shouldn't matter if you a pro or anti Bush, this type of abuse of a teaching position as a personal pulpit should turn your stomach.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the original story.


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