Friday, April 22, 2005


Now about those McDonalds lines I was mentioning earlier.

I don't know how it is everywhere else (although I have been to Mcdonalds in 7 Provinces, at least 1 State and 3 European Countries) but what happened to the concept of a line for every cash. It's a rather simple system which apparently is just a little too complex for most people in Ottawa to get a hold of. Unlike, say, Burger King or Wendy's with their nice little ropes or rails to guide you to the teller, at McDonalds you get to choose whichever teller you prefer and stand in their line. It's like a little lottery or competition. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but as a whole there is less time wasted.

Sure, someone who came after you may luck out and get a faster line, but that's life. At least this way not everyone is held up by the guy on his cell phone, or chatty co-eds who aren't paying any attention to the rest of the world causing everyone else to be forced to endure the cashier's monotonous chant of "may I help the next person please".

I guess it's just the socialist in us Canadians that wants everyone to suffer equally.

And another thing. If I walk into your empty fast food restaurant and stand as far away from the counter as is physically possible while looking a the menu DO NOT utter the words "I can help you over here". If I was ready to order I would walk up to the counter and order. Same for if I have questions about the nutritional values of your food. Unless you think I'm blind, which the act of looking over the menu hopefully indicates otherwise, I do not need an audible cue to find the counter.

/rant off


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