Saturday, April 30, 2005

Good news from Bangor

Just had to point to this good news story from the LA Times (may require login. Use BugMeNot if you got it). It's hard to read this story without at least a little tear in your eye.

Due to the size of the runway, Bangor is used for a lot of military flights either going to or coming from overseas and since May 2003, a group of residents around the Bangor Maine area have been greeting every military flight going through their airport. Handing out cookies and candy and cell phones to call loved ones and just generally being there to say hi and thanks.

What's all the more impressive is that this group of 30+ volunteer greeters, who show up at all hours of the day or night, are mostly in their 60's, 70's and 80's.

Almost nothing can stop them from showing up either. One woman, due to overwhelming arthritis, can't even shake hands; her solution, hug everyone. Another 71 year old member, was upset she had to miss 3 days for heart surgery. And then there's Bill Knight who at 83, still made the trip to the airport just hours after finding out he had advanced prostate cancer. As he said "It never occurred to me not to come"

It's nice to see stories like this for a change.


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