Friday, April 22, 2005

Canadian Roundup

I thought it was about time to write up a little something about all the current scandals going on in Canadian politics today (from ad-scam to judicial appointments to odd media blackouts) but before I began writing I decided to take a quick trip over to Captain's Quarters. The result, I decided that instead of re-inventing the wheel I'd save my strength for something as important (like the lines at McDonalds) and instead post some links to the Captain's already excellent coverage of all things Canadian. And this just represents the news since Monday.

It's hard to believe that he actually lives south of the 49th parallel.

While these posts often covering a bunch of different issues I just decided to group them under a few general topics.

Odd uses of Judicial powers to prevent 'free speech':
Direct Ad-Scam news:
General Liberal Panic
Developing Scandal
Election News
You can check out the Captain's Quarters Archives for even more scandal related news.


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