Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bet you didn't see this one coming!

I don't much like swearing, in RL or online, but sometimes you just have to say to yourself WTF!

In a conspiracy theory that even goes further out to left field than my personal favorite (that my ferret Miller, is in fact the source of all evil in the world; a theory I might add, that has yet to be disproven), Antje Vollmer, vice-president of the German parliament, has actually put forward the idea that President Bush, gave Poland such a strong role in the rebuilding of Iraq just to weaken the Pope's political power. Oh and did I mention that the other part of the evil American plan, as she sees it, was to actually start prosecuting those pedophile Catholic priests. You know, instead of ignoring them like every other good nation does. All this, just to take down the Pope.

I honestly can't see why the US government would really care which way the Pope came down on any political issue, especially the war in Iraq. It's almost sad to say, but the Pope was (and the new one is most likely to be) one of the most respected, revered but ignored people in the world. While the whole worlds listens when the Pope speaks, how many of the Pope's other edicts, from abortion to birth control to homosexuality, did anyone, from Catholics to Atheists really take heed of.

Few, if any, developed countries have changed their opinions on particular topics based on the Vatican's viewpoint. Politician's may use the Pope's words when they are convienent, but even admittedly Catholic politicians seem to have no problems supporting policies that directly oppose the Pope's stands.

I'm sure it would have been nice to have the Vatican's approval for the war in Iraq but in practical terms it's the same as me wanting the approval of my dentist about a car I've already bought. It's not something I'm overly concerned about.

Check out Chrenkoff for more on this story and check out the first link in his post to see some more example of those zany German and their Anti-American rantings.


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