Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Ban has been lifted

Apparently, it is once again legal up here in Canada to read the web page of an American commenting on our politics. Although it may not be directly tied into Captain Ed's revealing the complete and utter uselessness of a one country publication ban on a public inquiry (and then again it just might), Justice Gomery has lifted the ban Jean Brault's testimony at the ADSCAM inquiry. You can check out CTV and CBC for a Canadian view.

Suffice it to say, it does not look good for the Liberals. With Brault's testimony, we have been given insight into someone who had first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the entire scandal. From the hiring of phony employees which were in fact Liberal party workers, to large sums of cash changing hands in the most seedy of ways (hidden money drops with unmarked envelopes full of cash??). It sounds like something you'd see in an old black and white Hollywood gangster movie.

I must confess I was a day or two behind Captain Ed's revelations about the banned ADSCAM testimony, but once I read it I was of course caught up in the same quandary as all the other politically motivated Canadian bloggers, "Do I truly want to risk a fine or jail time for even mentioning Captain's Quarters?"

As it turned out I played it safe by not mentioning it, but I didn't go to the extreme of removing him from my Blogroll.

If nothing else comes of this, it may show once and for all that while most things in Canada are on a considerably smaller scale then our neighbors to the south, when it comes to high level government scandals, we're leading the way.

Watergate? Ha! Amateurs!


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