Thursday, March 24, 2005

More Voter Fraud

Why is it that the loudest voices calling for investigations of the most recent US elections are always on the left when it turns out that the only proof of actual fraud always seems to either favor a Democrat or be openly performed by Democrats (see: slashed tires and crack for registrations)

Add to the above list this little story from Captain's Quarters about another 5 democrats being arrested for buying undecided votes.

For some reason the left leaning blogs are full of accusations of Republican voter fraud (made up of almost entirely of second or third hand stories with little or no actual proof) with little mention of the fact the only proven cases are from their side.

Personally, I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry when I hear some crazy left leaning blogger (Kos, or any DU poster for example) talking about stolen elections. If the Dems are truly so desperate for 'fair' elections, why is it that they are also the most opposed to requiring any form of ID when voting. Might it be because this is might disenfranchise there ever dependable 'dead vote'.

As the Democrats voting mantra goes "Vote early and vote often!"


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