Monday, March 07, 2005

Just like my car keys..

.. I can never find this link when I want it.

Every time I'm browsing the blogosphere and run across some from the extreme left (I'm still holding out hope that it is more of an extreme view) extolling the virtues of Saddam's Iraq and wondering why the US felt the need to invade such a peace loving and happy go lucky country, I'm reminded of the site linked to above. Problem is, I always forget where it is and end up spending 5-10 minutes looking for it again. Solution: Enter the link in a post on my blog!

So here it is. A Marxist's view of the war in Iraq.

Just for clarification, I'm not necessarily Pro War (and definitely NOT a Marxist), I'm more of a Pro "Capture/Kill Genocidal Dictators Who Routinely Abuse Their Own People For Personal Gain or Enjoyment and Help Restore Power to Afore Mentioned People" kinda guy. It just so happens that war tends to be the best way to achieve that stated goal.


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